Hi, I’m Pauline.

I like to travel. I like to write. I’m funny on a good day. And every day is a good day.

Make of that what you will.

I’ve been to 63 countries, which means I’ve only got about 132 more to go. I’ve been documenting my travel stories for years now, sharing everything from insightful conversations with strangers to rookie mistakes that almost got me kidnapped. Twice. (Please don’t hitchhike in Europe.)

This blog is a souvenir for myself so that one day I can read through it and say, “At least I had a good time.”

Nevertheless, I hope my stories inspire you to fly away on your own adventure. And if not, then I hope they provide you at least a few minutes of mild amusement and half a chuckle.

From trekking Annapurna solo in Nepal, to sleeping under the stars in Morocco, to diving in the Great Barrier Reef…

Thanks for sharing in my journey!