I’m Pauline. I’m that blonde girl wearing a dress, usually galavanting onto her next adventure. Okay, okay, most of the time I’m in my office in Chicago daydreaming. But, when I get the chance to travel- I take it!

I began this blog at the start of my eight month stint in Europe in the spring of 2015. It started as a journal for my time studying abroad in Barcelona, but evolved into my storytelling platform for any of my out of town adventures.

I’ve been to 54 countries, and I have lots more to see!

I have seen the cherry blossoms bloom in Japan and I have pet llamas on Machu Picchu. I’ve been skinny dipping during a lunar eclipse in Belize, and I’ve slept under the stars in the Sahara desert. I walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and trekked the Annurpurnas in Nepal.

I got my advanced Scuba diving license in the Great Barrier Reef, and learned to Tango in Argentina. And now, well now, I’m just bragging.

I love what I do, and I love sharing what I do.

This isn’t a “how-to” or a travel guide blog. It’s a storytelling blog. I won’t bore you with the details of every landmark that I’ve seen and every dish I’ve eaten. Because believe me, I’ve seen a lot and I’ve eaten a lot. Instead, I share these stories to inspire others to fly away on their own travel adventure.

Thanks for reading along.

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