Let’s go have a Swedish Fika

I have Stockholm Syndrome. All of the good, none of the bad. Stockholm Syndrome is a condition which causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors. Though in this case Stockholm isn’t a captor, rather, a captivator, and I’m here of my own volition and honestly this analogy doesn’t really work but I…

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Waffles, chocolates, fries and beer!

Any guesses as to where I might be referring to? Yep-Belgium! My flight to Oslo included a 10 hour layover in Brussels and it was everything I ever could have asked for from my first double digit hour layover. I’ll start by saying I’m not usually a big fan of layovers. Mostly because I’m frustrated…

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A quick bop: Paraguay & Uruguay

During my ten days in the Southern Hemisphere I had the chance to visit the two “guays” of South America. (I highly doubt anyone calls them that, but the word “guay,” means “cool” in Spanish slang and I thought it was clever so just go with it.) I visited each of them for less than…

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