I’ve decided to go ahead and answer all of the questions you probably weren’t going to ask anyways.

So what’s the (new) plan?

I’m currently back in Chicago, where I spend my days reminiscing about the 54 countries I’ve already explored and thinking about where the next adventure should be. This year alone, I’ve been to Poland, Italy, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, and Finland. I still have India, Israel and Jordan to look forward to before the year is up!

So, you tell me- what should by 2020 plan look like?

Isn’t the name Pauline Flew Away a little dramatic?

That’s what my mama said. But Pauline Travels was already taken. 

But Pauline, no one is going to read this. You’re not even that funny.

Ehh, I’m not too concerned. My blog is really more of a self-indulgent hobby so that I can keep track of my journey.

But actually, what is your life?

My life is the narrative I have written for myself.

It is the narrative that I fully endorse, and one that I am incredibly proud of. It is written with midwestern kindness and charm, fierce loyalty to the ones I love, a belief that experiences that bring joy are worth every penny, the ability to identify and express what I want out of life, and a tendency to say “YES” to whatever may come my way.

Oh, and lots of cool, colorful dresses. 


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