Things I loved in Aruba

So, I accidentally moved to Aruba for a month.

I went there on a Thanksgiving vacation, fell in love with a handsome dutch kite-surfer, canceled my flight four times, went home for a week for Christmas and right flew back for New Years.

As one does.

Ask me about it over a drink if you want, but in the meantime I am sharing a few of my favorite things to do, see & eat in Aruba.

Drop me a note if you end up booking a trip or checking any of these out, I know you’ll love it as much as I do.

Things to do

Kitesurfing: Kiting is big in Aruba, and if you’ve never tried it- warm, shallow water is a nice place to learn. Shameless plug for Armando’s Kite Shack and Venture Holidays Aruba to get you riding.

Scuba Diving/Snorkeling: There are a few neat dive sites in Aruba such as the Antilla Shipwreck (the largest intact wreck in the Caribbean), which you can either scuba or snorkel over. If you’re into snorkeling, there’s plenty of pretty fishies to see and there’s nothing like kicking it with the sea turtles at Tres Trapi. Honestly, I had my snorkel mask with me at all times because you just never know when your face is going to be in the water again.

Flamingos at Renaissance Island: Are flamingos native to Aruba? No. Is this a tourist trap? Yes. Should you do it anyway? Totally. Although there are more photos of me running away from the aggressive flamingos than actually looking cute with them, I had a nice time on the island. A day pass to the private island to chill with the pepto birds will run you $125, but you can book a night at the Renaissance hotel and get two day access included in the cost of your stay.

Donkeys: There are wild donkeys on the island and personally, I think donkeys are tremendously amusing (big Shrek fan). Go find them near Boca Grandi Beach.

Jolly Pirate: Okay, so, hear me out. You get to day drink. On a pirate ship. There is snorkeling involved. You even get to drunkenly swing off the boat. And, they feed you lunch! Yes, it looks cheesy but get over yourself, you’re not too cool for it. Did I mention it’s open bar?

Ostrich Farm: This was delightful.

Conchi Natural Pool: Located in Arikok National Park and difficult to get to, this natural pool was absolutely breathtaking. Pro tip, you need to take a jeep there and please make sure whoever is driving is highly capable- you will be holding on to the top handle of the car just like your mom does when you drive.

Places to eat

Breakfast & Lunch

I’ll just put it out there- I went to Eduardo’s Beach Shack almost every single day. Can’t go wrong with the Mermaid Bowl or an Ahi Tuna Bowl (or really anything there.) I also loved Dushi Bagels and Linda’s Dutch Pancakes when I needed something heavier to start the day (or cure a hangover.)


Big seafood gal here and eating fresh fish and shrimps with my hands at Zeerovers was a treat. Cash only, and one or two fresh catches of the day on the menu.

Bougie Dinners

What can I say. Ya girl likes nice things. Yemanja and Madame Janette get a Michelin star from me! (I’m not qualified to give them, so this award means nothing.) And for an unforgettable outdoor beach dining experience with your feet in the ocean, I loved Flying Fishbone. A baby eel did very casually nearly miss my feet, but hey- it’s part of the charm.