Vegas, Baby.

I LOVE Vegas. 

It’s fabulous, and wild, and over the top. It’s vain, it’s lustful, it’s envious, it’s greedy. (Sin city- amirite?) 

It is so many wonderful and horrible things all at once. And… I’m very okay with that.

I had the privilege of speaking at a conference in Vegas last week, and figured I might as well take advantage of the trip and stay through the weekend in the spirit of bleisure.

Side note: I was recently informed that the term for combining business and leisure travel is bleisure, but I super hate that word and we will not be using it moving forward.

Anyhoo- I called one of my Seattle girlfriends, Claudia, who has a tendency to say yes to anything that involves buying a flight, and before long she was busting into my suite at the Cosmopolitan on Friday ready to boogie.

We kicked off the night at my favorite bar, The Chandelier in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, and shortly thereafter found our way to the roulette tables where Claudia proceeded to win money, and I proceeded to lose someone else’s money. As soon as her sister landed, we moved our party over to the dance floor of TAO Las Vegas, in the name of scientific research, of course. We just had to know how it compared to TAO Chicago.

No Vegas trip would be complete without some pool time, so we spent Saturday at Marquee Day Club, protected from sun and sweaty bodies under a private cabana featuring a private dip pool (with jets!)

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of a day club, it’s pretty much a night club but…during the day. And, instead of LBDs, everyone wears teeny tiny bikinis. Or a thong Speedo if you’re “that guy.” Yes, there was a “that guy” there and I have seen things I cannot unsee.

The rest of the evening was a bit of a blur, but we had cocktails in a Garden, and watched semi nude women swim in a human sized fish bowl at Zumanity. Again, typical Vegas things.

Saturday night, we boogied on tables at Hakkasan watching Steve Aoki jazzercise all over his DJ booth and pour champagne into people’s mouths, all while some hotshot in front of us threw stacks of dollar bills into the air.

I, too, don’t believe me.

Moreover, I’m starting to think that the level of casualness with which I wrote the last few paragraphs is a good indication that I should take another year off from Vegas.

Or, perhaps, it’s an indication that I should write a PK guide to Vegas.

Yes, I think I’ll do that.