I Need a Vacation

No, I don’t. I’m quite alright actually. My life is exhausting, sure, but in the most wonderful way. I’m always out and about checking out the hottest restaurants or bars in Chicago, dancing my way through the weekend, and bopping around the States for the occasionally work trip.

And work? I’m fortunate to be doing something I genuinely enjoy. Yeah, sometimes I find myself sending emails at ten at night or trapped at the Newark airport in Jersey for five hours, but all in all I find my job more energizing than exhausting.

So, what’s up with this obsession to give a reason for a trip?

I don’t “need a vacation”.

I travel, not to get away from my world, but to go see the rest of the world.

I like to travel. That is all.

An opportunity came up to go on an adventure with my father and brother, so I took it.

This feels like a very simple concept, but it’s something I’m starting to realize that not everyone can grasp.

I’ve gotten a few snide comments recently after sharing that I’m embarking on another trip, this time to Scandinavia for two weeks, after having just been in Poland and Italy for ten days in May.

Things like “oh, you’re going on vacation again?” Or “do you even work?”

Yes. I am. And yes, I do. Very hard. Thank you very much.

If you love something, you want to spend all of your time and money on it, right?

I don’t judge people who spend hours in front of a television watching baseball, or spend hundreds of dollars on tickets to a game because they love sports.

I don’t judge someone for spending all their time with their spouse or thousands of dollars on a wedding, because they love their partner.

I love exploring this beautiful world, so I spend my time and my money on traveling.


This flight is about to take off, so the only thing I really have to say at this point to anyone with snarky comments running through their mind is: I hope you find the one thing in life that makes you feel alive.

I hope you find it, and I hope you go spend all of your money and all of your time on it.

And I?

I’ll be somewhere on a flight, happy for you.