New York, Same Pauline

After a whirlwind two weeks on the West Coast, I jetted off to New York for work.

I had been to New York three times before- once as a child, once when I randomly left college in the middle of the night and went to NY last minute alone for three days and didn’t tell a soul (ask me about it over drinks sometime), and once for my orientation as an intern at Google 2.5 years ago.

The circumstances are always different, New York is always the same, and I? I’m the same, but different. (That makes sense in my head, and I’m a little hungover, so just go with it.)

On that note, I can never decide whether or not I like New York.

Sees trash on the sidewalk

“Animals! Savages!”

Eats a lobster roll

“I was born to live here.”

Gets shoulder checked on the street

“Excuse me?! Rude! I could never live here.”

Goes to a NYC rooftop bar


NY finance bros slide into my Instagram direct messages telling me they live near Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment

“So, when’s my flight out?”

Needless to say, I had a wonderful time. I went out with my dear friend Nick, who I met in New York the first day of my internship a few years ago (and by first day I mean the night before when a group of us went out and he told a woman in an elevator that she smelled like beef.)

We went to Le Bain and PHD, where I learned a thing or two about being a New Yorker as we watched people get turned away in line.

“Pauline, don’t smile at the bouncers. Just smile less in general. This is New York.”

(I’m a Midwesterner and I don’t know how to not smile at strangers or say “Oops, sorry!” if I accidentally bump into someone.)

The tactic seemed to work though, judging by the stamps on my arms.

I also learned that I really ought to stop believing that I drink gin and tonics until 4 in the morning, catch some Zzz’s and make a 9am flight.

I’m still going to make it in time for brunch in Detroit but believe me when I say that last night’s makeup, workout leggings, and sprinting through an airport in high heeled booties is not a good look on anyone, myself included.

And with that- it’s time for takeoff.

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