Day 1: Nayapul to Ulleri

Today was the first day of my trek. Today I also climbed the equivalent of 300 floors, carrying a 50 pound pack for five hours.

I’m always as honest as I can be on my blog, so I’m okay admitting that it was hard. So hard.

And better yet- everything I didn’t want to happen, happened.

I didn’t want to climb uphill for five hours while roasting in the sun.

I didn’t want to sweat through my shirt, pants, sports bra, underwear and even my socks.

I didn’t want to deal with communists in the gazebo on the first day of trekking, and I certainly didn’t want to have run to the toilet after everything I ate.

I didn’t want to ache in every muscle of my body, and most of all- I didn’t want to think for a moment that I couldn’t do this.

And you know what? All of that happened.

And you know what else? I was glad.

Because today was hard, but it was also glorious, beautiful, and rewarding.

I learned a long time ago that travel will never be perfect and all you can do is be kind to yourself, smile and keep going.

Plus if everything that I didn’t want to happen, happened on my first day, and I STILL felt like the happiest person in the world- then there truly isn’t anything I cannot handle and the rest should be a cake walk.

Right? Right.