Conversations with Strangers: Deborah from Colorado

About Her: Deborah is a retired schoolteacher from Colorado who is traveling solo around Spain and Portugal. She is currently spending a month in Barcelona.

How We Met: Katie and I were having brunch at Mama’s Cafe in Gracia, when I noticed a lovely blonde woman eating alone at the table next to us. Women who eat alone at restaurants are my favorite type of people because they ooze confidence, and I was immediately intrigued when she introduced herself.

Fondest Memory: Deborah shared that whenever she’s daydreaming, her mind immediately goes to the three life changing months she spent living in Rome. It was the first time she lived outside of the States and she called it freeing and empowering. She laughed at her own cliche when she said that, but honestly just because it’s a cliche does it make it any less wonderful. Traveling solo is certainly one of the most empowering things a woman can do for herself.

Best Advice: Deborah’s grandmother encouraged her to discover and travel the world because she had done the same back in the fifties, which was a rather unusual thing for a woman to do during that time. It’s clear that Deborah is living out her grandmother’s advice! 

(I usually add a photo of the person I spoke with, but I completely forget to take one. She was beautiful and so is this city view, so it will have to do!)