Conversations with Strangers: Brian from Los Angeles 

About Him: Brian is an actor from Los Angeles who is traveling Europe for a few months. He recently landed a role in a new HBO show.

How We Met: Katie and I were at the Bunkers for a panoramic view of the city. The best seats at the Bunkers are on top of a little roof that’s gated off, and at all of 5’3 and wearing a denim skirt, there was no way I was going to hop over a fence. That’s when we met Brian and his two German friends, who quickly solved our problem by lifting me and Katie over the fence. The group of them then joined us for sunset. What intrigued me about Brian was his openness. While most people usually ask a new acquaintance questions like what they do for a living or how they’re liking Barcelona, I bluntly asked him, “What are you looking for,” because life is too short for small talk. He surprised me by sharing that he was coping with the loss of both of his parents and was just looking for solace.

Happiest Moment: Although Brian thinks he hasn’t had his happiest moment in life just yet, to this point it would be when he graduated college and both of his parents were there to see it.

Best Advice: Live life in the moment and don’t worry about tomorrow. You don’t know if that will show up (Amen to that.)