Back to Barcelona, Back to Me

I booked my trip to Barcelona last November, and as if the universe were looking out for me- this trip could not have come at a better time.

After you’ve had your heart bruised and you’re feeling a little lost, you can count on the world to still be there and an adventure to welcome you back with open arms. Now, before you start feeling all sad, realize that this is a good thing.

Why fall in love in your early twenties when you can travel the world and just be yourself?

Travel will be honest with you and it will be faithful.

It does not try to control you, instead it gives you the reigns and says, “lead the way.”

Lastly, it will take nothing from you as a person. It will only give you back experiences that will last a lifetime. (Okay maybe I’m getting dramatic because anyone who’s ever had their wallet stolen in Italy is probably disagreeing right now. But you know what I mean.)

I’d like to blame movies for our obsession with whirlwind and impractical romance. Romantic comedies have conditioned us to wait at train stations and airports thinking that the other character in our love story is going to race in just in time to stop us and sweep us off or feet.

That’s absurd. Why would you waste a perfectly good trip? Who are these people who can afford to pay for flights they’re never going to get on?

Life isn’t a romance movie. Get on your flight and don’t look back. Life’s too short to waste on anything that isn’t a grand adventure!

Now that that’s out of the way, stay tuned for some wild times in Barcelona.

I’m back baby.