Farewell to Asia

Looking back at the last five weeks traveling Asia, I can say that it was one of the most intense and different travel experiences I’ve had. I strongly encourage anyone who is planning their next trip to make your way to this amazing continent, because no matter how different it is- I promise you’ll pick up on it quickly and will be better for it.

You’ll learn to like the street food, but also know where to draw the line in terms of food hygiene.

You’ll learn that the best way to cross a street packed with scooters and motorbikes is to say a quick prayer and walk ahead with confidence, parting the traffic like Moses parting the Red Sea.

You’ll see cockroaches on the streets, but most bathrooms will be strangely clean. You’ll see diagrams in bathroom stalls explicitly telling people to not stand on the toilets and squat over them, and signs prohibiting people from bringing their durian with them on the train.

You’ll also notice how hard people work- in fields and farms, or weaving tapestries, in services and in hotels. Even all of our tour guides through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia would walk through fire to make sure we had everything we needed.

But most of all, if you travel Asia the biggest thing you’ll notice is that you’ll love it. For the people, for the food, for how different it is from what you’re use to. You’ll love it for the affordability, for the natural wonders, and for the man made wonders. You’ll love it for the culture, for the soul, and for everything it makes you reflect on.

You’ll just love it.

And with that, fellow readers, future travelers, wanderlusters, and nomads- all I say to you, is “Go!”