So College

I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois this weekend. 

This was my first semester back at college, and appropriately, my last. I left campus after the fall 2014 semester, studied abroad in Barcelona last spring, traveled through the summer, then took the fall off from school again for an internship.

Going back to college after being away for so long was a strange thing. I felt that I no longer belonged, that somehow along the way I had outgrown it. It was kind of like trying on a pair of jeans from high school- they’re cute but it’s just not happening. 

I did the college thing for two and a half years and loved it- I had my fill of frat parties, dollar drinks, all nighters during finals, sorority chants, and nursing hangovers. This time around, I couldn’t find the appeal in bars that smell like vomit and sleeping until noon.

I made the most of it though. I took ice skating, flower arrangement, and art. I got to spend time with old friends, and new. So don’t get me wrong- I had a great time in college, but I’m ready to move on. 

Besides, I have a flight to catch.