It’s been a week since I’ve been back. I intended to write earlier, I really did. But I suppose it took me longer than I expected to process everything. That, and there is just so much to do when you come home after seven months.

I’ve moved back in and unpacked, which is a production in itself. Then I hibernated a few days, just relishing in the “mine-ness” of things, my own real bed, my lap dog, a real closet and a fridge already stocked with groceries. I’ve caught up with some of the people I missed the most, and I’ve just been taking it easy.

I keep getting asked, “how was it?”

Frankly, I never know what to say. I mean really, how do you say, “itwasthebestthingthateverhappenedtomeandimissitalreadyandeverythingwasbeautifulandeasyandicant explainitbecauseitsafeelingthattheenglishlanguagecannotexplainandyouwouldntunderstandbutthankyou forasking.”

I also get asked about what I missed the most while abroad. That’s a hard one too, because I’m not sure that I missed anything in particular. I didn’t daydream about Chipotle, I learned how to live without a closet full of clothes I don’t wear and I actually preferred not having internet on my phone at all times. I missed people, certain people, but not things.

That being said, I am glad to be back. It’s nice having a certain sense of routine and stability, even if it’s only for a few weeks. And, after a month of the triple B diet in Poland (beer, bread and butter), it’s good to be back home with a garden full of produce, healthy, non-traveler meals and my favorite yoga instructor at my local studio.

My blog has been on my mind lately, because I suppose I have been avoiding the question, “now what?”

I began PaulineFlewAway to chronicle my adventures abroad, and have attained more success with my website than originally anticipated. Even though those adventures have technically come to an end, I have decided to maintain my blog. I love writing, always will, and I still have many stories to share from my time abroad. Plus, I have many adventures still ahead in the next few months as I dive into my incredible fall internship, exploring American cities throughout the fall, a winter full of tropical travels, and a senior spring semester of five day weekends!

I am not done.

Home sweet home