Day 10: How Far We’ve Come

Days 5-8 were my rest days in León and they were full of some great conversations; the kind of conversations that happen a bottle of red wine in, when you and a stranger both let your guard down and you talk about your mothers and your fathers and your brothers, and men and mistakes and regrets and God. León not only rested my body, but also my soul. 

The 9th day of my camino was physically tough. Nadja and I left León late, because our bed was too comfortable, and we had to walk in the full sun for 37 kilometers, or about 23 miles. I thought I wouldn’t make it, but ibuprofen and a bottle of wine does wonders. Actually, I wouldn’t recommend that in real life, but here two ibuprofen and a bottle of wine is basically lunch.

Today was day 10, and frankly I’m still struggling with blisters. I have tried everything from double socks to Vaseline to wearing my Nikes. I even shipped my backpack to my destination today to lighten the weight on my feet. I’m tired of having to sew through my skin every night with a needle and thread to drain new blisters. Side note, it is as awful as it sounds. 

However, there is always a bright side: I now know how to say blister, needle and thread in Spanish. 

The only thing to do is keep on keeping on, which is what I will do, because as much pain as I am in, it’s worth it. Every day I learn something new. Every day something or some one inspires me. 

Also, I’ve earned a new reputation here, and I’ve learned that people somewhat admire me.

I am the girl that always smiles, no matter what. 

I rather like that. 

Blister approach number 17