My Own Kind of Paradise

I have come to a crisis.

Not quite a mid-life crisis or a quarter life crisis for that matter, rather what I would like to call an island crisis.

I’m no longer sure that a life involving wearing deodorant and underwear is the one I want to live. I have spent the last four days wearing the same sundress, tanning nude on empty beaches and dancing with strangers during sunset. My skin is golden brown, I haven’t brushed my hair in four days and I’m not quite sure where my bra is. I have found paradise and I hate the thought of losing it.

Last night, Francie and I drove out to a bar to check out a live band and watch the sunset. Of the entire crowd there was only one person dancing, a beautiful and lively Italian woman in her forties, Olivia, who was clearly having the time of her life. I believe that no one should ever have to dance alone, so I joined her. As the night went on and the wine flowed on, Olivia, Francie and I had an entire crowd dancing. I was pulling elderly Germans off their benches left and right to come join, and by the last song we had a crowd of people feeling alive and free, dancing and smiling.

Earlier today we spent the day at the island’s International Food Festival, listening to live music as friendly locals stuffed our plates with more Latin American and Spanish foods than one should ever eat in one sitting. But, who can say no to free fried plantains and horchata?

At the festival, I met a man from Switzerland and I asked him how long he’s been here in Formentera. 35 years. He just came one day and he stayed. He plays in a band, organizes the island’s artisan market and just kind of hangs out.

He is happy. And I am too.

We closed off the night with a glass of wine at the bar we had visited the night before, where our bartender friend, Fernando, treated us to snacks and took a shot of local Hierbas liquor with us. Then, we watched the sunset while cruising down the ocean-hugging roads, blasting Adele and singing along dramatically with the top down in our convertible.

Smiling, being free and having fun. Thank you, Formentera.

Dancing with beautiful strangers as always.
Dancing with beautiful strangers as always.