Waltzing Away

This past weekend I flew home to Chicago to attend a ball. Yes, like the Cinderella kind. Now before some of you start making conjectures about my seemingly extravagant lifestyle or mysterious finances, no worries, Mama Kulka hooked it up with flights from her miles.

Five years ago, I was a debutante in the Legion of Young Polish Women’s annual White and Red Ball at the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Chicago. I have been attending ever since, this years 76th annual ball being no exception.

In case you’re unfamiliar with what a debutante ball is, it’s when a young woman is introduced to society at a formal presentation. I’m pretty sure they had one in an episode of Gossip Girl, for reference. The night involves glamorous ball gowns, plenty of waltzing and the crème de la crème of Polish Chicagoans. The ball is largely a charity event and the funds raised support schools, museums and organizations in the Polish American community.

This years ball was incredible to say the least. Each debutante was as gorgeous as she was elegant, and I was constantly being swept off to the dance floor by my friends, all equally handsome and talented dancers.

After midnight, the ball was slowly winding down to an end. The Queen of the Ball had been announced, the traditional Biały Mazur dance had been performed and the dance floor was in full swing- a blur of tuxedos and colorful ball gowns. I realized how good it felt to be in my element. You see, this is my kind of party. The kind that come with a five course dinner, and where dancing doesn’t involve someone trying to touch your butt.

Watching the new debutantes made me realize how fast time flies, and although upsetting at first, it made me smile to think that one day my daughters too, will make their debut in that same ballroom.

The ball is a beautiful part of Polish Chicago’s history and culture, and I am honored to be a part of it. Thank you for a beautiful weekend Chicago.

My date and I, my brother and his gorgeous girlfriend in the center, and my fellow debutante Kasia and her fiancée on the left.
Congratulations to the Debutantes of the 2015 White and Red Ball!
Congratulations to the Debutantes of the 2015 White and Red Ball!