Thank You.

This week, I am celebrating hitting 3,000 views and 1,000 visitors on my blog. As I write this, it’s actually 3,784 views and 1,216 unique visitors. The latter is proof that it’s not just Mama Kulka reading along.

I have always loved storytelling. I wish we lived in a Native American tribe, where story telling was respected as a profession. I would be Little Loud One, and all of you beautiful people would gather around me, listening to me weave stories for hours on end. Hallucinogenic mushrooms would be involved for historical accuracy.

I write endlessly. My mind is always in a story, my phone is full of notes and my purse is cluttered with scraps of papers with scribbled sentences. If I get mugged, someone is certainly in for a disappoint.

Throughout this first month of being in existence, I have been overwhelmed with kind messages and comments of encouragement and support, from both close friends and almost strangers. I have had people tell me that my stories brightened their day, made them laugh or even inspired them to share their own adventures.

I cannot describe how much that means to me. If I can make at least one person smile, that’s everything.

I think all people need validation; a confirmation by others that you don’t, in fact, suck. That’s what these views mean to me. They mean that maybe, just maybe, I don’t suck at this. Maybe I’m even good at it.

Peace, blessings and many thanks.

Happy, and grateful. Thanks all.
Happy, and grateful. Thanks all.