The White Tiger

A white tiger: something extremely rare, but not altogether impossible to find.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was looking for an apartment in the city center, within walking distance to the University, with lots of natural sunlight and a balcony. And, I wanted it all for less than $500.

Jesus must be reading my blog, because I found it. My white tiger.

I found a listing online for an apartment two blocks away from my university in the neighborhood of L’Eixample. It was love at first visit, and I moved in earlier this week.

I live with Pablo, a lively Argentinian man who owns an art gallery and theater, and Laura, a masters student from the north of Spain. They are both wonderful and kind souls who speak only Spanish to me and thanks to them, I’ll be completely fluent in a few months.

Pablo is hands down the chillest human being I have ever met, and I aspire to be more like him. I swear nothing phases this man; he is Bob Marley.

Laura let me give her a haircut just three days into knowing me. Considering I had never cut another woman’s hair, I was both honored and terrified. It was like one of those trust exercises they make you do in gym class, except you have scissors and there are consequences.

You walk into our apartment and are immediately greeted by four naked women, painted in white and blue. You travel down a narrow corridor, into the living room, which also has a balcony. Next to it is my bedroom, a breathtaking space with vintage tiles, high ceilings and a spacious private balcony.

The best part is the view. I have a gorgeous church in front of my apartment. Basically, Jesus is watching at all times, and that gets real awkward when I’m naked.

Life in the apartment feels like a 90s sitcom about a sassy blonde, an artist twice her age, and a spunky Spanish sidekick. I’m looking forward to calling this home for the next few months.

Cue theme song from Friends.

Lazy afternoons in my room.
Lazy afternoons in my room.